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Summer of Self Betterment: Week 3

Told myself I’d start writing these down. Guess what? Didn’t write them down. #yolo

Day 1:

  • Tried a new paleo recipe: baked almond crusted eggplant. The first batch was a lil burnt and salty but the second batch came out perrrrrfect. So easy and so delicious.

Day 2:
  • Mini road trip with T and Nik to see Dewey! I missed that nugget. We adventured to a beach and then went out to dinner and ice cream before driving around blasting music and singing at the top of our lungs. Great times, great people. I’m lucky.

Day 3:
  • Helped out with my adorable little (or not so little, since she just turned 9) cousin’s birthday party! It was Frozen themed, which I may have enjoyed more than the girls did, so we did a bunch of games and crafts, and I discovered a hidden talent for face painting. Time to reconsider medicine and pursue that instead????
  • Dinner with the family followed by wonderful sib bonding with Aveen. We went to see 22 Jump Street and went for another drive. Again, lucky. The people in my life make me so much better for knowing them.

Day 4:
  • ROAD TRIP. Drove to RI (jammed out the whole way there) to see the one and only Mark with T for his partay to celebrate their birthdays! So much fun, even if there are a few holes in the memory. I needed that night more than I knew. Also, T baked a kickass bday cake.

Day 5:
  • One last lunch with a lovely lady before she headed off to camp for the summer. I swear, every conversation with that girl inspires me. (ILY EBO)
  • My main woman went under the knife and underwent surgery to repair her torn meniscus, so I went over to snuggle and eat and chat with her all night. She’s one of the few people in my life that knows me infinitely better than I know myself, and I’m grateful for it. (ILY EM)

Day 6:
  • Headed into Harvard Square with Erin & Co. to explore some beautiful shops and eat some amazing food. Tried this Iced Mocha at an adorable little place, and decided that it was a worthwhile exception to this whole paleo thing. Also, I bought the most expensive dress (I cringe just thinking about the price) from Anthropologie, but I’m so in love with it. It’ll pop up in a post one of these days, because I have never felt so good in an article of clothing as I do that dress. So maybe it was worth it? (Pathetic excuse, but I have to justify it somehow.)

Day 7:
  • Beach day with Al! Felt good to catch up and just relax. I did walk away with my first sunburn, though, so ouch.
  • Started to read Eat, Pray, Love. I’m not too far in yet, but I’m much more captivated by it than I expected. She’s so insightful and I think I’m going to like learning about her journey of self-discovery.
  • Hammock chillin’. S/o to E for this pic.

This week was very unexpectedly wonderful. Lots of adventures and lots of laughter. Who could ask for more?

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Summer of Self Betterment: Week 2

I’ve found that a side effect of summer is losing track of the days, so I should probably start writing these things down because it’s already all a blur.

Day 1:

  • GTL minus the tan because, well, I’m already brown. But the gym and laundry were as great as the gym and laundry can really be.
  • Cooked some good ol’ Indian food while finishing OTH and the onions were not the only reason for my super teary eyes.
  • Crafted to deal with post-series-sadness. Miss you already, Sophia Bush.

Day 2:
  • Beach day! Light reading and cold drinks and warm sunshine. So, so therapeutic.

I think beach sunsets are on my top ten list of most breathtaking sights. Pictures might be worth a thousand words, but no pictures ever really do them justice. Granted, the fact that I always use an iPhone camera probably has something to do with that.

Day 3:
  • Hot yoga.
  • Started Orange is the New Black to see what all the hype is about. Not sure if starting a show about prison is something that makes me better, but worth mentioning anyway because these women are badass.
  • Bought almond butter. Didn’t try said almond butter yet, but hey, it’s a step in the healthy direction.

Day 4:
  • Started paleo today. Not sure if I’m cut out for this, but time will tell. So far, it’s actually been really refreshing, as hard as it is. I’m allowing myself bites of foods I crave here and there, though, so I’m not really hardcore about it, but maybe at some point I can pull that off. Aaaaand so begins the 30 day countdown.
  • After lots of research, I finally bought my first dSLR—my perfect little Canon Rebel T3i—and I’m completely obsessed. I still have tons to learn about it, but it’s already basically an extension of my right arm.
  • Went to Aveen’s award ceremony! He was chosen to be on the board, won an award for WIT, and was nominated for best actor in a black box. I am so damn proud.
  • Celebratory midnight meal with the little bro, and then we just drove around for hours and hours and just talked and listened to throwbacks and caught up. I live for nights like that. I am such a lucky big sister.

Ugh, he looks so old. I still picked out the shirt and tie, though, so not too old.

Em’s attempt at a selfie of us before we headed into the awards ceremony. She was a lil blurry so she insisted on being cropped out of this, but let it be known that she’s ***Flawless.


Day 5:
  • Went golfing with Dad and just a few tips from him actually improved my game so much. It’s unreal how good he is at that sport, actually.
  • Stopped by Katie’s grad party for some food n fun and then spent the day with T, Em, and Ashley. Chipotle stop and then a late night beach adventure (or two beaches, technically.)

(Unrelated anecdote: Another club member who knew Dad happened to be at the range and was watching me practice and was like “Wow, you have some real natural athleticism. You can’t coach that.” I proceeded to laugh really hard (so hard that Dad had to go, “Uh, thanks, Bill”)because “natural athleticism” and “Aneena” are antonyms.)

Smgts, man. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. This was basically the perfect, most spontaneous day. (Even if I do really suck at using my camera.)

Day 6:
  • Father’s Day get together at Rupal’s. Of course, it wouldn’t be a family get together without drama, so I spent a lot of the day trying to settle an awful marriage dispute (why I’m the designated mediator, I don’t know). Luckily, though, my aunts kept the margs coming and took me out at night to get my mind off of things, which was a great escape. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
  • Practiced using my camera! Not sure how much I improved, but it was fun as hell.
They are SO CUTE.

Safe to say this little nugget is not camera shy.

Which brings me to today, Day 7:
  • Went for a run.
  • Currently editing some old pictures for a scrapbook I’m making while watching OITNB and sippin’ sangria.
  • Potential night swimming later aaaaand the Bachelorette is on tonight! It’s a good day.
This is allowed in my version of paleo. Don’t tell the cavemen.

Summer of Self-Betterment: Week 1

The semester has been over for a few weeks, and while I’m loving the time off from the academics, I miss my life there much, much more than I thought I would. The first week of doing absolutely nothing was heavenly (painted 4 canvases and watched all 5 seasons of FNL in 8 days SOS), but then I got a little restless.

So, to distract myself from having zero goals/being bored back at home, I’m excessively trying all of these new things, rekindling passions for old things, and doing all of this radical goal-setting. I’m calling it my Summer of Self Betterment, which sounds like something my mom would say, aka something lame, but her lame sayings always end up being worthwhile, so hopefully this will, too. The goal is to do something to improve my own life or the lives of those around me every day, even if it’s something small. I’m such a cheesy human and I”m not even sorry.

Day 1:

  • Joined a gym (and wasn’t complainin’ about the hot personal trainer)
  • Picked Aveen up from school like I used to (Or tried. He accidentally took the bus home.)
  • Reunited with some very much missed hometown friends.
  • Made my first trip back to the Arboretum. No matter how many times I go there, I don’t think the beauty of that place will ever fail to amaze me.
  • Started reading (for pleasure) again! God, I’ve really missed it.
Day 2:
  • Fitness Consultation at the gym and then a great workout.
  • Reunion with another amazing friend from home.
  • Helped Aveen study for a chem test. Lots of laughing and a little bit of learning.
  • Cleaned my room and started to unpack from college. Not that you’d be able to tell, since there’s so much left to do.
Day 3:
  • Started up hot yoga again. Being back at it feels so good.
  • Went to a family barbecue. Ate, sang, danced, laughed. There is so much love there and I am so lucky.
  • Another wonderful reunion that was very, very overdue. We attempted a cupcake recipe that totally failed, but it was ridiculously fun.
  • Did a ridiculously refreshing (and cheap) face mask. S/o to cucumbers.
This is me calling for help because my meat grilling skills are as great as my baseball playing skills. (Severely below subpar.) I kind of just suck at barbecues.

Day 4:
  • Crafted for my little. Not sure if this counts, but it’ll do.
  • Mother-daughter dinner/movie night. Sense and Sensibility! (It wouldn’t have really been a mother-daughter night without some Jane Austen thrown in there.)
Stay classy, Olive Garden.

Day 5:
  • Went to ze gym.
  • Back to the Arboretum for a family picnic. Books, frisbees, music, and food. It’s been a while since we last had some casual family fun time. Couldn’t have asked for more.

Day 6:
  • Gym.
  • Productive trip to Michael’s.
  • Girls’ night + more crafting with some pals. Kind of jealous of my own little…

Day 7:
  • Hot yoga.
  • Finished painting a wooden memory box, but other than that, literally nothing.
  • Except snuggling in bed and watching One Tree Hill. I love you, Sophia Bush.
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Stream of Consciousness:

This is happening primarily because I am so bored and it is 3am and I have nothing to do while watching New Girl. Also, I haven’t had free time in so long that I’m not really sure what to do with it…..

- The epitome of contentment is snuggling up in your own bed with your comfiest pajamas and 3498034 sheets.
- The lack of posts on this blog recently is not great.
- New Girl turns every frown upside down.
- The Bachelor finale was insane. As a Bachelor addict, I can confidently say that tonight’s finale was one of the most absurd I’ve seen. Juan probably should’ve just looked in the mirror and asked himself to accept his final rose… Poor Nikki. Also, my feminist side was cheering so loudly when Clare said she was content because telling Juan off was the first time she has ever stood up for herself to a man. It’s easier said than done, sometimes, so you go girl.
- Nerves are through the roof for Big/Little week. Anxious, excited, slightly neurotic. All of the bigs found out today, so us littles are just over here wide-eyed and itching with curiosity.
- Spring needs to come YESTERDAY because I really need to break out the maxi skirts/dresses.
- I never understood the whole mason jars as cups thing. They’re the cutest things, though.
- There are few things that make me happier than seeing people discover what they’re passionate about.
- I’ve really, really missed being able to drive around and sing at the top of my lungs in my car.
- I’m not really sure why I love lists so much. They make me feel organized. (Even though this list is a literal train wreck.)
- SPEAKING OF TRAIN WRECKS, the green line derailed today, which is scary because it’s my line and my friend was almost on it and it’s just weird that that can happen because I take that line all the time and it’s never occurred to me that that is a possibility. Holla @ way too many conjunctions.
- I wish I could curl my hair, but it always just looks so odd when I try, so straight 4eva it is.
- One time, I saw a comma on a price tag at Nordstrom. The triple take was necessary.
- This is getting out of hand and I should really stop.
- But I probably won’t.
- There are still 5 minutes left of this episode, so.
- Prince is a bizarre human, I think.
- Then again, I’m a bizarre human, so who am I to judge, really
- The girl who plays CeCe on this show is so stunning that I can’t really wrap my mind around it.
- Wait, I’m kind of dancing to this Prince song. I’m confused. It’s so catchy. There’s no turning back now.
- Going to turn on Passenger because this is not good.
- On that note, I’m going to bed because I feel my sanity slowly slipping away.

Happy Birthday Aneena! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! :)

Aw, I never got a chance to respond to this, but you’re so sweet! It was very, very wonderful—thank you! (:

Spring Breaaaaaaaak!

Finally, finally, finally. “Spring” break. I’m home for the week, which means there’s still snow everywhere and nights are best spent cuddled in front of a fire with a blanket, but there’s nowhere I’d rather be. Until yesterday, I hadn’t seen the baby bro in a month (saw him on my birthday, which is when the above dysfunctional picture was taken), so coming home early to surprise him yesterday was one of the best feelings ever.

This semester has been an endless cycle of chem, bio, and tears—rinse and repeat. The weekends make it a bit more bearable, though, and I’m beyond lucky to have found the people I have. Recently, I joined Kappa Delta, and it was the best decision I ever could’ve made for myself. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and I’ve found an amazing group of girls that already mean so much to me.

I had to make a “look book” page, or basically just a simple collage about myself, for KD as a get to know you sort of thing, and it came out pretttty cute if I do say so myself. Getting the hang of GIMP was easier than expected, surprisingly.

Spent the first night of spring break getting super crazy and snuggling up on the couch to write an essay while watching a Scooby Doo movie with Aveen. I’m wild. Tonight’s big plans are dinner and a movie, and then lots and lots of sleep if I have anything to say about it. Definitely going to be spending most of this week forcing my presence on my family, making the most of the time I have with my own kitchen, recovering (I’m currently suffering from what might be a mild case of bronchitis lol) and essentially just hibernating. It sounds so lame but it’s going to be so heavenly.

Home really is where the heart is.

Well, eversincere is 3 today, somehow.

Time flies. (I think that’s come to be the theme of this whole blog at this point.)

No secret that I am completely hopeless when it comes to posting a lot (oops, oops, oops), but I’m hoping to be a little bit better at that this semester because I actually really miss blogging. Anyway, I have no idea how it’s already been three whole years since I made this blog, but wow. It’s so interesting to look back on it all and see how much I’ve changed. I’m so glad I have some sort of documentation of so many memories and thoughts over the three years. Completely invaluable, even if looking back at some of it makes me cringe.

Onto the present, though. Today is my last day of winter break, and I’m supposed to be all packed and ready to go tonight, but my room still looks like this:

So, yeah, off to a good start.
Also, the Bachelor is on tonight, and I’m pretty great at procrastinating things that need to get done, so I’ll probably be packing at about 3am tonight/tomorrow morning.

The bright side to all that, though, is that in 24 hours, I’ll be back in my beautiful, beautiful city.

Ugh, babe, you’re beautiful. Can’t w8 to see you.

That being said, though, I am really, going to miss home. My family (especially my baby brother who is not quite a baby anymore but that is something I plan on staying in denial about for a long, long time), my friends, my bed, my car, my shower in which I don’t have to wear flip flops. Also, this is the little bro/our Christmas card picture this year:

Break was incredible, though. It was like a goldilocks break, I think—not too short, but not too long. Just right. It was weird to me to have literally no work to do, because for as long as I could remember, breaks have been filled with AP summer work or projects or studying or at the very least, bookworm or a few worksheets. That, of course, left me with more free time than I have ever had in my life.


- I adventured back into Beantown a few times, just for the hell of it. Also for New Year’s Eve, which was an adventure.

- I read! This might not seem that exciting, but I will always be a huge bookwork, yet I never have free time to read, so this was a treat. Also, I’ve officially learned the lesson that I’ll never not be obsessed with Fitzwilliam Darcy. It’s been about 7 years since I was introduced to that wonderful figment of Jane Austen’s imagination, and I’m still hopelessly infatuated. Essentially, a fictional man will always have a piece of my heart. So that’s good.

- I sketched. (The eyes are wildly out of proportion, but I was quite honestly just too lazy to redo them. Also, my family says it bears a slight resemblance to myself, but that kind of just happened by accident.)

- I ate. Pretty fond of this picture. Unadulterated joy in this one.

- I baked. Also did the gingerbread house thing.

- I fell in love with some dogs.

- I saw Frozen twice. This is significant because I also fell in love with Olaf the snowman.

No better way to end this post than with a picture of Olaf, so the end/happily ever after. Let’s hope this semester kicks some serious ass.

you post far too much lately.

^ Alaina, queen of sass, everyone. I’ll probably hit her arm for this next time I see her. (But it won’t even hurt her because she’s made of steel/I probably won’t hit her that hard because she’s a black belt and could kill me in 2 seconds.)