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Stream of Consciousness:

This is happening primarily because I am so bored and it is 3am and I have nothing to do while watching New Girl. Also, I haven’t had free time in so long that I’m not really sure what to do with it…..

- The epitome of contentment is snuggling up in your own bed with your comfiest pajamas and 3498034 sheets.
- The lack of posts on this blog recently is not great.
- New Girl turns every frown upside down.
- The Bachelor finale was insane. As a Bachelor addict, I can confidently say that tonight’s finale was one of the most absurd I’ve seen. Juan probably should’ve just looked in the mirror and asked himself to accept his final rose… Poor Nikki. Also, my feminist side was cheering so loudly when Clare said she was content because telling Juan off was the first time she has ever stood up for herself to a man. It’s easier said than done, sometimes, so you go girl.
- Nerves are through the roof for Big/Little week. Anxious, excited, slightly neurotic. All of the bigs found out today, so us littles are just over here wide-eyed and itching with curiosity.
- Spring needs to come YESTERDAY because I really need to break out the maxi skirts/dresses.
- I never understood the whole mason jars as cups thing. They’re the cutest things, though.
- There are few things that make me happier than seeing people discover what they’re passionate about.
- I’ve really, really missed being able to drive around and sing at the top of my lungs in my car.
- I’m not really sure why I love lists so much. They make me feel organized. (Even though this list is a literal train wreck.)
- SPEAKING OF TRAIN WRECKS, the green line derailed today, which is scary because it’s my line and my friend was almost on it and it’s just weird that that can happen because I take that line all the time and it’s never occurred to me that that is a possibility. Holla @ way too many conjunctions.
- I wish I could curl my hair, but it always just looks so odd when I try, so straight 4eva it is.
- One time, I saw a comma on a price tag at Nordstrom. The triple take was necessary.
- This is getting out of hand and I should really stop.
- But I probably won’t.
- There are still 5 minutes left of this episode, so.
- Prince is a bizarre human, I think.
- Then again, I’m a bizarre human, so who am I to judge, really
- The girl who plays CeCe on this show is so stunning that I can’t really wrap my mind around it.
- Wait, I’m kind of dancing to this Prince song. I’m confused. It’s so catchy. There’s no turning back now.
- Going to turn on Passenger because this is not good.
- On that note, I’m going to bed because I feel my sanity slowly slipping away.

Happy Birthday Aneena! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! :)

Aw, I never got a chance to respond to this, but you’re so sweet! It was very, very wonderful—thank you! (:

Spring Breaaaaaaaak!

Finally, finally, finally. “Spring” break. I’m home for the week, which means there’s still snow everywhere and nights are best spent cuddled in front of a fire with a blanket, but there’s nowhere I’d rather be. Until yesterday, I hadn’t seen the baby bro in a month (saw him on my birthday, which is when the above dysfunctional picture was taken), so coming home early to surprise him yesterday was one of the best feelings ever.

This semester has been an endless cycle of chem, bio, and tears—rinse and repeat. The weekends make it a bit more bearable, though, and I’m beyond lucky to have found the people I have. Recently, I joined Kappa Delta, and it was the best decision I ever could’ve made for myself. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and I’ve found an amazing group of girls that already mean so much to me.

I had to make a “look book” page, or basically just a simple collage about myself, for KD as a get to know you sort of thing, and it came out pretttty cute if I do say so myself. Getting the hang of GIMP was easier than expected, surprisingly.

Spent the first night of spring break getting super crazy and snuggling up on the couch to write an essay while watching a Scooby Doo movie with Aveen. I’m wild. Tonight’s big plans are dinner and a movie, and then lots and lots of sleep if I have anything to say about it. Definitely going to be spending most of this week forcing my presence on my family, making the most of the time I have with my own kitchen, recovering (I’m currently suffering from what might be a mild case of bronchitis lol) and essentially just hibernating. It sounds so lame but it’s going to be so heavenly.

Home really is where the heart is.

Well, eversincere is 3 today, somehow.

Time flies. (I think that’s come to be the theme of this whole blog at this point.)

No secret that I am completely hopeless when it comes to posting a lot (oops, oops, oops), but I’m hoping to be a little bit better at that this semester because I actually really miss blogging. Anyway, I have no idea how it’s already been three whole years since I made this blog, but wow. It’s so interesting to look back on it all and see how much I’ve changed. I’m so glad I have some sort of documentation of so many memories and thoughts over the three years. Completely invaluable, even if looking back at some of it makes me cringe.

Onto the present, though. Today is my last day of winter break, and I’m supposed to be all packed and ready to go tonight, but my room still looks like this:

So, yeah, off to a good start.
Also, the Bachelor is on tonight, and I’m pretty great at procrastinating things that need to get done, so I’ll probably be packing at about 3am tonight/tomorrow morning.

The bright side to all that, though, is that in 24 hours, I’ll be back in my beautiful, beautiful city.

Ugh, babe, you’re beautiful. Can’t w8 to see you.

That being said, though, I am really, going to miss home. My family (especially my baby brother who is not quite a baby anymore but that is something I plan on staying in denial about for a long, long time), my friends, my bed, my car, my shower in which I don’t have to wear flip flops. Also, this is the little bro/our Christmas card picture this year:

Break was incredible, though. It was like a goldilocks break, I think—not too short, but not too long. Just right. It was weird to me to have literally no work to do, because for as long as I could remember, breaks have been filled with AP summer work or projects or studying or at the very least, bookwork or a few worksheets. That, of course, left me with more free time than I have ever had in my life.


- I adventured back into Beantown a few times, just for the hell of it. Also for New Year’s Eve, which was an adventure.

- I read! This might not seem that exciting, but I will always be a huge bookwork, yet I never have free time to read, so this was a treat. Also, I’ve officially learned the lesson that I’ll never not be obsessed with Fitzwilliam Darcy. It’s been about 7 years since I was introduced to that wonderful figment of Jane Austen’s imagination, and I’m still hopelessly infatuated. Essentially, a fictional man will always have a piece of my heart. So that’s good.

- I sketched. (The eyes are wildly out of proportion, but I was quite honestly just too lazy to redo them. Also, my family says it bears a slight resemblance to myself, but that kind of just happened by accident.)

- I ate. Pretty fond of this picture. Unadulterated joy in this one.

- I baked. Also did the gingerbread house thing.

- I fell in love with some dogs.

- I saw Frozen twice. This is significant because I also fell in love with Olaf the snowman.

No better way to end this post than with a picture of Olaf, so the end/happily ever after. Let’s hope this semester kicks some serious ass.

you post far too much lately.

^ Alaina, queen of sass, everyone. I’ll probably hit her arm for this next time I see her. (But it won’t even hurt her because she’s made of steel/I probably won’t hit her that hard because she’s a black belt and could kill me in 2 seconds.)

Happy new year Aneena! I hope you have a wonderful year filled with lots of happiness and good health for both you and your family. :)

Aw, thank you so much. Same to you! This is super late, but hope your new year has already proved to be amazing and continues to be so.

Girls Who Read—Mark Grist

"So, what do you go for in a girl?"
He crows, lifting the lager to his lips,
He gestures where his mate sits,
then downs his glass.
“He prefers tits.
I prefer ass.
What do you go for in a girl?”

Well, I feel quite comfortable.
The air left the room a long time ago.
All eyes are on me.
Um, if you must know,
I’d like a girl who… reads.

Yeah. Reads.

I’m not trying to call you a chauvinist,
because I know you’re not alone in this, but…

I want a girl who reads—
who needs the written word
and who uses the added vocabulary
she gleans from novels and poetry
to hold lively conversation
in a range of social situations.

I want a girl who reads—
whose heart bleeds at the words of Graham Greene
or even Heat magazine
who’ll tie back her hair while reading Jane Eyre
and goes cover to cover with each Waterstones three for two offer
but I want a girl who doesn’t stop there.

I want a girl who reads.
A girl who feeds her addiction for fiction with unusual poems and plays
that she hunts out in crooked bookshops for days and days and days.
She’ll sit addicted at breakfast, soaking up the back of the cornflakes box
and the information she gets from what she reads makes her a total fox,
because she’s interesting and she’s unique,
and her theories make me go weak
at the knees.

I want a girl who reads.
A girl whose eyes will analyze the menu over dinner,
who’ll use what she learns to kick my ass in arguments
so she always ends the winner.
But she’ll still be sweet and she’ll still be flirty
‘Cause she loves the classics and they’re pretty dirty.
And that means late at night she’ll always have me in a stupor
as she paraphrases the raunchier moments from the works of Jilly Cooper.

See, some guys prefer asses.
Some prefer tits.
And I’m not saying that I don’t like those bits,
but what’s more important?
What supersedes
Is a girl a with passion, wit and dreams.
So I’d like a girl who reads.

Note(s) to Self:

1) You can’t run from emotion.

Without facing emotions, especially the negative ones we attempt to ignore, we can’t really make any progress. Facing them hurts, but it’s healthy. I’ve lived a lot of my life turning a blind eye to things I am too scared to face, consequently letting them sit in the corners of my mind and collect dust. They sit there untouched, and the cobwebs build up to a point where I’m not quite sure how to sweep them away. The best route is to avoid the clean-up process entirely and face things head on as they come.

2) Relinquish control.

It is altogether too, too much effort trying to keep it all together all the time. It’s exhausting, really. I’ve never been a type-A kind of person, but having so much to do here makes me a little overwhelmed at times. Letting go is important, for the sake of mental health more than anything else. It’s impossible to dictate the way everything in your life will play out, so there’s really no use in trying. Going with the flow isn’t just simpler; it’s more rewarding.

3) Allow yourself to be inspired.

I find myself so consumed in my hectic schedule everyday, focusing primarily on what needs to get done and what meeting I have later and what homework needs to be finished and what emails need to be sent. I walk down city streets with my mind full of, “what next?” instead of taking it all in. Enough of that. Everything is an inspiration—the way raindrops on railings hang out for a bit after a storm, the sound heels make as they click on the pavement, the way the skyline turns into a sunset. It’s all a matter of taking notice.

4) Never underestimate the power of a laugh.

Ever. Laughter changes everything.

Hey Aneena! I know you go to BU and that's one of my top schools right now (tied with Boston College, actually), so I was just wondering if you could answer some questions about it! I'm just worried about the size and it feeling impersonal, so do you ever get that impression? Do you feel like it lacks any real sense of community? Do you mind not having a traditional campus? Are the dorms and bathrooms tolerable? Are you happy with your choice?

HI! I love this. Obviously, I’m biased because BU and BC are rivals, but I will say that BC is absolutely beautiful, so if you’re going for the traditional campus thing, that could be a good fit for you. I was worried about the impersonal thing, too, actually, but I have been so pleasantly surprised. The timing of this question is great, because today, as I was walking down Comm Ave to my soc class, six different people went, “Hey Aneena!” as I walked by. It was a little surreal, actually. There are a ton of kids here, but after a while you start seeing familiar faces everywhere and it feels so much smaller and tight-knit than you’d expect. Obviously I’m going to graduate without meeting a good number of kids in my grade, but I love that there are always new people to meet here. There are also a ton of events that bring people together (most notably, the hockey games), so I never really feel like BU isn’t a community. So, no, I don’t mind the lack of a traditional campus or traditional college experience at all! I thought I would, but this experience is unlike any other and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It is so amazing to have the city at my fingertips.

…… the dorms, though. Personally, I’ve done a lot of travelling, so these living conditions are not half as bad as I know they could be, but they’re not phenomenal. It really depends on where you live—most freshmen live in Warren Towers or in West. Both are great for meeting people and Warren is super close to all of my classes, but there are some bugs and stuff that you have to put up with. The bathrooms also aren’t great, but you get used to it. The way I see it is that it’s all just a part of the freshman experience.

On the bright side, you have a whole new appreciation for taking showers without flip flops when you visit home.

I’m very, very happy with my choice, though. I didn’t know if I would be when I chose it, but now, I wouldn’t trade the past two months for anything.

If you want more info, feel free to message me and I’m more than happy to answer any questions! I felt like I went into my freshman year knowing literally nothing, so I’m happy to help.

P.S. The gym is amazing. And the dining hall food is delicious.